At our safe outside training facility in the open countryside of Burbage, Wiltshire, I hold regular training sessions that focus on particular training challenges, working with me, Richard Grant, will enable you to have fun with your dog, at the same time as training and focusing its natural skills and abilities.

The skills learnt differ based on you and your dog’s ability and previous training and will progress at a speed which you are comfortable with and capable of.  I take a holistic approach to training. There are many solutions and techniques, not all methods suit or work for all dogs, knowing the answer for a particular dog is a skill that I am proud to be able to offer. One of the many aspects that I enjoy is the smile on a client’s face when they realise that the technique they have implemented has worked and that they can enjoy being with their dog even more than they had been already.

Please click on the link below for more information regarding the different levels and type of training available.