You will need;

  • Tasty treats.
  • Your puppy’s favourite outside toy.
  • Lots of enthusiasm.
  • A happy voice.
  1. With some treats in your hand, go to your puppy’s sleeping place, i.e. it’s’ crate.
  2. Give your puppy the sit command, so that it is static before you let it out.
  3. Tell your puppy to wait while you open the door (if applicable).
  4. As soon as you see that your puppy has paused, let it out in to the toilet area, usually but not always the garden; go outside with it.
  5. Give your puppy a few minutes to have a wee or poop, when you are happy that it has emptied it’s bladder and/or bowels, call it to you, turn and run away, calling your puppy to you as you do so, encourage it to keep coming to you, “yeah, good boy/girl”, “yippee”, give a treat immediately and then run in a different direction, repeating the technique outlined in 4.
  6. This can be done 3 or 4 times in total.
  7. Give your puppy its toy and as he/she takes it from you say, “take it”. Let it have some fun with it, then either go to your puppy or if it will come to you, call it to you and if needed, put a treat on the end of its nose, simultaneously saying, “drop it”, and when it does give the treat and praise, “good boy/girl, thank you”.
  8. Encourage your puppy to accompany you to the door to the house and then tell it to, “sit” and “wait”. Open the door and if your puppy is still sitting and waiting, say, “good boy/girl, in you go”.
  9. If your puppy moves out of the sit, close the door and start that part again. If necessary, put your puppy on its lead at stage 8.
  10. Let your puppy whizz in to the house and if it’s meal time, feed your puppy.