All of our classes are carefully designed to ensure that the needs of individuals are met. There is a big emphasis obedience as well as socialisation with the other dogs. What will your dog learn? Well, your dog will learn our words for all the actions that they can already do. All dogs know how to sit, lie down, stand walk to heel and come back to us! What they do not know are our words for these. Therefore, together you learn that what you do and how you do it, results in the desired action from your dog, easily, happily, without force, compulsion or pressure. It really is never too late to train your dog. We have had dogs in our class as old as 10 years and they have gone away improved and much more settled giving them the prospect of a more comfortable "old age". The classes are structured to address the problems that owners are encountering. Mostly these are, pulling on the lead, jumping up, not coming back. All of these behaviour traits are resolvable.


Our puppy classes are designed to provide the maximum amount of socialisation time with the other dogs and people present. This is essential for the future of your puppy. In the class you as a puppy owner will learn all of the skills needed to train your pup to: sit, down, stand, how to hold a lead and walk your puppy correctly, walk to heel on and off the lead, and most importantly, to come back to you. I must admit that I find the puppy classes the most fun. Most puppies arrive without bad habits and leave at the end of the course socialised, trained and giving their owners even more pleasure than they did already.

Course Benefits

  • Sit.
  • Stand.
  • Down.
  • Sit-down-sit. (Puppy push-ups)
  • Visual signals for these obedience positions.
  • How to hold a lead.
  • How to walk a puppy correctly.
  • How to do a daily check of your puppy.
  • Re-call.
  • Lots of socialisation with other puppies;
  • Fun games and other mentally stimulating exercises.

Approach to training

My approach to training is that of absolute positive re-enforcement and reward for the right thing. I do not believe in compelling a puppy to do something. It will respond far more readily and with a huge amount of eagerness, if it knows that there is going to be a positive result for it, such as food/treat, voice or contact praise, ideally all three.

Course Locations

  • Parsons Green
  • Location 2

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