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    Time: Thursday evening 7.45-8.45pm

    Location: All Saints Church Hall, 70a Fulham High Street, Fulham, SW6 3LG.


    4 week fun challenge designed to advance the level of obedience and continue to develop your relationship with your dog.

    At All Saints Church Hall

    70a Fulham High Street SW6 3LG

    £120 per dog

    This is a 4 week challenge, (not a pass or fail), it will be based on a pass A, B or C level of accomplishment, (A being top).  The assessment will be on week 4 of 4.  The first 3 weeks will be spent training and practicing the various aspects of the challenge outlined below. I am sure that you will enjoy the challenge and the training, as well as meeting with familiar faces and like-minded people.

    Please note this course is only open to anyone who has or will have attended a puppy course or had individual training with me, an accredited A.P.D.T. or similarly accredited trainer by the start date of this course.

    Children are very welcome to attend and participate in the training; however, they must be accompanied and guided by a parent/guardian/nominated person who will remain present at all times.

    Food and toys may be used wherever needed and appropriate at this stage for rewarding but not luring unless in the initial stages. Everyone attending with a dog should be carrying poo bags.  All dogs must be wearing a suitable collar / fixed harness with ID tag. 

    The challenge is to successfully complete 0 - 8 pass level C,  9 - 11 pass level B,  12 or above pass level A.

    Places are limited to ensure that we can practice and achieve the above challenges.  It is my expectation that you will practice before the training starts, as well as during the 4 week period. The assessment will be conducted by myself (and Molly if available).  A certificate will be awarded to each dog and their person, based on their level of accomplishment.

    Response to name. The dog should show a clear response to their person when it’s name is called, (or signaled in the case of dog who is deaf.)

    Greeting behaviour. The dog on lead held by their person should behave appropriately when another person and dog approaches.

    Lead walking. Their person and dog will walk for the “t” course, (marked by cones) with one other dog and person also walking on lead in the immediate vicinity. (5-10 metres). The dog should maintain a fairly steady position at their person's side with no cutting in front (possibly for treats) or lagging behind. At this stage, pulling towards the other dog/person may still happen occasionally and if this happens their person will be assessed with regards to how they manage and correct the behaviour.

    Recall. The dog will return to their person with enthusiasm and speed (relative to age, size and breed). There will slight distractions in the line of recall. The recall will be over the longest reasonable distance.

    Static positions. The dog will demonstrate a good understanding of the following positions: sit and the down, using a visual hand and/or verbal cue.

    The dog will sit, on cue, first time in front of their person.

    The dog will lie down, on cue, first time or second time in front of their person from the sit position, then return to the sit before being released by their person.

    The dog will perform either of these 'remain' exercises.

    The dog will remain in a sit or down for 20 seconds while their person is approximately 2 metres away.

    Alternative to the above. The dog will remain in a sit or down position whilst their person walks round the dog. Their person will then release the dog.

    Full examination. The dog will allow their person to conduct an all over body examination including eyes, ears, nose, teeth, tail area, stomach, paws etc. while remaining reasonably calm.  Their person should be able to explain the reasoning behind this process.

    Door safety, entry and exit, "wait". The dog will approach the door or replicated entrance way with their person and wait in a static position while their person walks through and only proceed to join their person when requested.

    Play manners. The dog will wait in front of their person while a puppy dummy or similar toy is jiggled around gently for a minimum of 5 seconds and only take the toy when cued to do so.

    Food manners. The dog will wait while a bowl of food is placed in front of him/her and only proceed to eat it when cued to do so by their person (minimum 10 second wait).


    Sorry this course is fully subscribed, please check next course for availability.

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