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    Time: Monday evening 7.40-8.50pm ish.

    Location: St. Dionis Church Hall, Parsons Green. SW6 4UH

    Parsons Green, SW6 4UH (see map)

    Fulham/Parsons Green: Follow on training.

    Parsons Green, SW6 4UH (see map)

    £50 per dog (total).

    Please note this course is not suitable for puppies or dogs that have not undertaken an initial puppy course, had a 1-2-1 home visit, (not a puppy home visit) or individual training, with me, or an accredited trainer.

    This course is a follow on to the initial puppy course and will include, some if not all, of the following exercises outlined below. Please note there are limited number of places.

    The course content is flexible, so in addition to undertaking some or all of the training below, there will be an opportunity to discuss and address any challenges that may have manifested themselves since attending the initial puppy course.

    I am sure that you will enjoy the challenge and the training, as well as meeting with familiar faces and like minded people.

    Polite greeting.

    Lead walking.

    Recall with the distraction of other dogs or articles/toys.

    Long sit.

    Enter rooms/wait at the gate/doorway with your dog in a calm manner and under your control, only coming through when you invite your dog to do so.


    Sorry this course is fully subscribed, please check next course for availability.

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