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    Time: 6.30-7.30pm

    Location: K9 Help training facility, Westcourt, Burbage, Marlborough, Wiltshire. SN8 3BW.


    4 week socialisation and obedience training course for puppies 10-26 weeks old.

    K9 Help training facility, Westcourt, Burbage, Marlborough, Wiltshire. SN8 3BW

    £80 per puppy, includes 4 weeks puppy training, help, individual question time/advice before or after each training session if required, weekly email feedback,  plus puppy health care and development information.

    Course instructors: Richard & Molly Grant.

    Training will take place at outside at our training facility in Burbage, ensuring all puppies and their people plenty of space to enjoy the training in a safe environment, (see details below re social distancing measures etc), and is designed to provide you with the opportunity to train, learn, stimulate your puppy mentally, emotionally and physically and to have some fun together.  All training is based on reward and praise methods. This lays the foundation for a lifelong, mutually gratifying, trusting and loving relationship.

    Training philosophy. It is my aim to guide all those that attend towards having an educated and happy puppy, by using positive re-enforcement and praising the puppy for responding in the right way. I do not believe in compelling a puppy to do something. A puppy will react far more readily and with a huge amount of eagerness, if it knows that there is going to be a positive result for it, such as food/treat, plus voice, eye and hand contact praise, ideally all of these. This philosophy applies whether I am working with you and your puppy on an individual basis, or in a course with others and their puppies.

    What will you learn.  Training is based on reward and praise methods. This lays the foundation for a lifelong, mutually gratifying, trusting and loving relationship.

    During the course, attendees will learn how to teach their puppies fundamental skills, including verbal and visual signals for “sit” and “down”; a proper technique for lead-walking, "leave it" and recall, the most important command of all, including how to successfully introduce and use a whistle as a recall aid.

    We also cover; health issues; methods to reduce biting, stranger anxiety, fun and stimulating games and much more.

    For information regarding house/crate training, daily routine and other new puppy challenges, please look at the, 'on line training tips and help' section on the home page.

    I encourage all those involved with your puppy, family, friends, etc to attend and join in with the training. The minimum age to be the primary trainer within the course environment is 14 years; however, an adult must accompany them. There are plenty of opportunities for children under this age to participate during certain parts of the evening, under the direct supervision of their parent or guardian.

    Combined puppy course with a video consultation; £155, a great option for a newly arrived puppy that can’t go out as yet, or in advance of the puppy course.

    I am providing a video consultation service via Zoom, which although not the same, will still provide an effective and positive engagement with me.  This is proving to be extremely successful, especially for those who have soon to arrive puppy or a newly arrived puppy that is not currently allowed out due to not having had all necessary inoculations etc. I will be going through the same puppy profiling questionnaire that I would be using if I came to your home, providing guidance and answering all the questions about having a new puppy, settling in, diet, house-training, biting, puppies and children, (if applicable), you may have.  The only thing I can’t do is a physical check of your puppy.

    Social distancing and safety. This is an outside venue so according to the scientific advice and information the risk of infection is reduced.  We have included a range of measures to mitigate as much risk as possible, including those shown below.

    We have introduced measures to ensure that we are as safe as possible - Strict 2m distancing between you and your puppy and other people and their puppies - Bring/wear anything that will help you to feel safer, hand wash, face mask etc., this is entirely optional - Coming training is at your own risk. I will do everything that I can to mitigate any risk, but ultimately much of what we will do will be based on common sense and respecting everyone else’s space.

    Sorry this course is fully subscribed, please check next course for availability.

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