Tove and Winston 2014
We really enjoyed the training sessions. I have no feedback other than positive. Thank you.

Stephanie and Beckett 2013
I must say that the training sessions were extremely helpful to put us on track with our new role of raising a puppy.
All the family really enjoyed each session and found them interesting and fun. You definitely impressed us with yours skills with dogs and your patience with training us!

Louise and Lottie 2013
Thank you so much Richard for all your help – you have been wonderful and your sound advice has been much appreciated – Lottie and I are getting on just fine at the moment!

Amanda and Bertie 2013
Just wanted to say a big thank you for the course, which was fun, as well as being constructive and educational.

Sophia and Finley 2013
Thank you so much for your email and for organising such fantastic classes. They have been invaluable.
I will continue with all the training as it has already turned Finley into a totally delightful puppy to have around.

Tanya and Cooper 2014
Thanks so much for all the attachments we are keen to keep up the training – Cooper is eager to learn and responding well we just need to keep our momentum going so I am sure you have not seen the last of us!!
It’s such a joy to have a dog in our lives again and even more of a joy when they actually respond to what you ask them to do!
Thanks for all your valuable knowledge and we will look forward to seeing you

Caroline and Waffle 2013
I really enjoyed the course and judging by his hyperactive mood on returning home, I would say Waffle did to. It covered everything that I needed to know at this stage and your somewhat dry wit certainly entertained me.

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