An daily health heck for your puppy and/or dog.

What to look for?

Eyes. Any discharge in or around the eye, excessive redness, eyes should be clear. Daily

Faeces. Check consistency and frequency. Look for undigested food/plastic etc.  Daily.

Urine. Check for clarity and smell.  Daily.

Ears. Excessive scratching. Check ear flaps for wounds or swellings. Do not stick anything in to the ear, you risk causing severe injury. If you have any doubt, speak with your Vet or Vet practice nurse. Daily

Paws, pads and claws. Check for cuts, seeds and any infection around the nail bed. Daily after main walk.

Skin and coat. Anything that was not there the last time you checked. Check by running your hands over your puppy/dog gently. Learn what your puppy/dog feels like to your hands. Check for ticks/fleas etc. Daily.

What to look for? Cuts, scratches, open wounds, bumps or lumps, broken or missing claws, cut pads.

Mammary glands Check for any lumps or fatty deposits near to the surface/around the area of the nipples.  Weekly.

Genital organs.

  • Males: Check the penis, scrotum and surrounding area for, infection, wounds etc.
  • Females. Check for any discharge, wounds from virginal area and surrounding area.

Fleas,ticks, worms. Treat regularly, as per your Vets’ advice.
Vaccinations. Check with your Veterinary Practice and follow their program and advice.

Note: This is just a guide and is not to be considered a replacement for seeking advice from your Veterinary Practice.  If you have any concerns at all, make contact with them and ask their advice immediately.