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If you have any questions, and/or would like to arrange a home visit, please do contact me, 07753 609999.  Alternatively, if you’d prefer, please do email me richard@k9help.net

Training philosophy.  It is my aim to guide all puppy guardians towards having an educated and happy puppy, by using positive re-enforcement and praising the puppy for responding in the right way. I do not believe in compelling a puppy to do something. A puppy will react far more readily and with a huge amount of eagerness, if it knows that there is going to be a positive result for it, such as voice praise, eye and hand contact plus a food treat, ideally all of these. This philosophy applies whether I am working with you and your puppy on an individual basis or in a course with others and their puppies.

Method. Training is based on reward and praise methods. This lays the foundation for a lifelong, mutually gratifying, trusting and loving relationship.

Course content. During the course, attendees will learn how to teach their puppies important, fundamental skills such as; teaching your pup its name, verbal and visual signs for “sit” and “down”, lead-walking, “leave it” and  the most important cue of all, recall, this includes the use a whistle as a recall aid.

Also covered: how to do examine your puppy, health and daily care of your puppy, methods to reduce biting, crate/house training, stranger anxiety, mental stimulation games and much more.

All sessions are followed up with a comprehensive email containing guidance and tips to improve and reinforce your relationship with your puppy, as well as what was covered during the last session, how it was achieved and what to practice for the following week.

Family and those involved with your puppy are more than welcome to attend and join in with the training. The minimum age to be primary trainer within the course environment is 14 years; an they must be accompanied by an parent, guardian or nominated adult at all time. There are plenty of opportunities for children under this age to participate during certain parts of the evening, under the direct supervision of their parent or guardian.

Question time. I am never in a rush to leave so am available for questions after each training session.

Puppy home visit. In addition to the socialisation and obedience course, I do provide a home visit service, either as part of a puppy course or on an individual basis, (see information, “Home visit only”, below). This can be before, during or within 3 months of the end of the course attended, (to qualify for the combined price discount). The initial home visit lasts for about an hour and allows for the resolution of challenges that can sometimes occur with a new puppy such as:

  • Puppy nipping.
  • Chewing.
  • House and crate training.
  • Feeding, diet etc.
  • Helping your puppy to settle in to its new home.
  • General settling in.
  • Children, “be safe”, how to handle and greet a new puppy. (If applicable).

Home visit only. I advocate that everyone with a new puppy undertakes a structured obedience and socialisation programme. However, I am aware that sometimes time constraints do not always allow for this, so, alternatively, if you are unable to attend a course, please contact me to arrange a home visit. The visit lasts about 1 and 1/4 hours and covers the challenges.