Below you will find comments and feedback from those who have either attended a K9 Help training course or had training on a one-to-one basis. These are shown unedited, as written to me, by the people concerned.

Emily and puppy, Milo, 2020. Training with Richard and Molly throughout the 4 week course was great! The key things I’ve taken away are Sit, Down, Recall and general puppy care. Richard goes through different skills each week and gives you homework to practice before being tested the following week. This method really makes you practice and not embarrass your puppy as he always reminded us. The group was nice and friendly people and puppies. I have just booked onto the follow on course. Highly recommend.’

Lloyd and puppy, Bertie, 2020. ‘The training Richard gives was brilliant and has made such a difference to life with Marley our Boston terrier. The techniques were explained and demonstrated in a simple manner which were easy to follow and implement. I couldn’t recommend K-9 classes enough. ‘

Amanda and puppy, Sparky, 2020. A huge thank you to you and Molly for leading our puppy classes over the last four weeks. We have all enjoyed coming and working with you both to help Sparky to be  ‘ his best self’ , as I say to the children in my class! I can see that with your help and our practice at home, he is becoming a better trained and also a happier dog. Your knowledge, understanding and good humour are the perfect way to train both Sparky and all of us too! The follow up emails have also been both detailed and extremely helpful when training at home.

Georgie and puppy, Smurf, 2020. I was a bit sceptical about going to K9 Help with my puppy Smurf as I have never been to puppy training before but WOW wasn’t it helpful and Richard and Molly were amazing and I am looking forward to furthering our training with them soon. Thank you both so much.

Vanessa and puppy, Clarrie, 2020. “I highly recommend Richard’s puppy training classes.  His guidance has been invaluable and has helped us settle Clarrie in to our family with confidence.  No mean feat for us puppy owning novices!”

Heather and Pebble. 2020. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for the excellent training you offered us and for giving me truck loads of confidence in the foreign area of canine behaviour! Pebble and I are truly the best of friends thanks to your support. To think how far we’ve come!!!

Will, Ella, Martha and puppy, Lottie, 2020. We recently completed Puppy Training classes with Richard and Molly in Burbage and apart from a couple of days with bad weather (that even Richard couldn’t control) Lottie (our puppy) thoroughly enjoyed herself as did my daughters and I.  The group was small with puppies of a similar age, we did lots of practical exercises and  learnt all the fundamentals in making sure that Lottie is a well trained and happy dog.  The additional bonus to the great classes, is that Richard is always happy to provide help and guidance should we or Lottie get into any bad habits!  Thank you Richard and Molly so much.

Arabella and puppy, Clover 2020. With all the current restrictions in place the course was managed brilliantly. Clover my 6 month old golden retriever pup and I had a great time and learnt lots – We highly recommend!

Tony Bishop and Stamford the Bulldog, 2020. “Richard Grant at K9 help was recommended to me by our vets at the Roehampton Vets practice and it’s easy to see why. Having spoken to a number of ‘puppy class/socialisation’ organisers before speaking to Richard it was immediately obvious that he knew what he was talking about! I opted for a home visit and this was an excellent introduction to Richard. As any new puppy owner will know, you’re desperate to get it right so it was incredibly reassuring to get Richard to meet my puppy (8 week old English Bulldog) and assess our setup, providing excellent advice and tips.

It was then a no brainer to sign up for the 4 week puppy class. Unfortunately our classes were cut short by the Corona Virus outbreak but the two weeks we did were brilliant. Great, practical, no nonsense or over sentimental advice and training. Also comprehensive follow up emails after each session with everything you might need to know. The fact that Richard offers the opportunity to call/email with any queries is also a great back up for any dog related enqs.

I took my 8 year old daughter to the classes with me and she absolutely loved them, so if you have children who will be around your dog, cannot recommend highly enough”

Mrs D, Fulham, 2020. “Brilliant puppy training for both the humans and the puppy. Simple but effective techniques demonstrated in class with great explanation and excellent notes to take home so you can continue the good work with confidence.”

C.L. 2020. “Richard and the K9 Help team have been indispensable in training our Cavapoo puppy. We had a home visit and did the four-week course and we are shortly going to commence the advanced puppy training. The content of training was fantastic, as well as attending to our individual puppy’s needs and as a way to socialise our Cavapoo with other puppies. Richard is always on hand to give advice and we highly recommend him. A big thank you from us!”

Aarthi and puppy, Zola, 2020. “We really enjoyed the puppy course run by Richard, as did our puppy Zola. It was wonderful to be able to attend with my daughter and Richard’s guidance and support has helped us immensely.  We appreciate his direct approach and tailored advice. Really looking forward to the next course now.”

Thea and puppy, Maisie, 2020. Highly recommended by friends, I enrolled on Richard’s Parsons Green-based 4-week puppy training course. Having recently welcomed Maisie, a lovely little Cavapoochon into our home, but never having looked after a puppy before, I was hoping for lots of insight into house training and looking after my pup.

Richard’s course was perfectly pitched, revising and then building on skills learned (and practised) during the prior week’s classes. The number of puppies in the class was right – enough for socialisation (both adults and dogs) yet not so many as to be daunting.

Richard (and his daughter) are great and have so much experience with puppies. Richard is able to advise on all aspects of puppy training and Maisie can now do all the things we learnt in class and more, but I wish the course had been a little longer as I enjoyed it!

Saskia and dogs, Benji and Basil. 2020. “You can probably tell from the subject of the email that I’m writing to thank you!  I felt really relieved after the training session and so very grateful for your wise words!  The two B’s are now walking beautifully, and I can get places a lot quicker! It’s so amazing!  I haven’t let them off the lead yet but needless to say I shall be very strict with the off lead routine.  So an enormous THANK YOU for your time”.

Ian and puppy, Scout, 2020.  “I have taken 3 puppies to Richard’s puppy course. The course is excellent: essential training that is great fun for you and your puppy”.

Rosie and dog, Toby, 2019. Congratulations on being recognised for your excellent customer service. Going back all those years when we had behavioural problems with Toby I really appreciated all the support you gave me; it wasn’t just the home visits but the follow up phone calls and emails that kept me on track which impressed me and Toby has you to thank that he still has a home with us!

Lu and puppy Mzuri, 2019. “We absolutely loved taking our puppy Mzuri to Richard’s puppy classes. Such a great way to socialise our puppy and was so nice to meet all the other puppy owners too. Richard’s wonderful, he genuinely cares about dogs and is a wealth of knowledge about them. It has taught us so much, even 6 months on we are still using the same training techniques, and he’s turned into such a well behaved boy! It’s so incredibly important to start socialising, bonding and training your puppy from day one and Richard’s classes helped us do exactly that”.

Angela and puppy Pepper, 2019. I learnt that I needed to be positive and happy when teaching Pepper  recall and it really does work. She comes straight back to me.

Emma and puppy Maisie, 2019. ‘Richard and Molly were incredibly helpful and I can’t recommend their classes enough. They are very structured with homework, follow up emails and notes as well as plenty of suggestions and advice. I enjoyed the structure they adopt with each individual demonstrating in turn the skills we had covered in the previous week. It really put the pressure on to make sure you had been practicing with your puppy and therefore you really notice a difference week to week. It is very satisfying to see your little puppy coming along! Absolutely worth every penny and we can’t wait to go back for follow up sessions!’  Thank you!  Emma.

Juliet and puppy Falcor, 2019. “K9 Help have really helped to get our cocker spaniel puppy back on track. Richard gives clear instructions, followed by excellent, detailed step-by-step follow-up notes sent to us by email. These were so useful for reinforcing at home what we had learnt during training.”

B & B and puppy Luna. 2019. Richard at K9 Help made us feel welcome and supported every week and always facilitated a fun and engaging learning environment. Richard clearly knows dogs better than anyone I’ve ever met and I am so grateful that a friend recommended him to me. During the course, my pup and I have learnt so much and the impact has been massive! Although my pup is only 16 weeks, it is clear that Richard’s course has given her the best start and I’m convinced that with continued practice of all that we have been taught, she will grow to be all that she is capable of being. 

Madison and puppy, George 2019.‘ We had heard that miniature dachshunds were very nervous and difficult to train due to their strong personalities. However, my husband and I seem to have the friendliest and most obedient pup ever thanks to Richard’s K9 puppy training and our persistent dedication. Life is a pleasure with George and he is wonderful. We would thoroughly recommend Richard if you want a happy and healthy life with your canine companion!’

Sarah and Katy, puppy Sidney, 2019.
Fantastic training classes. Really fun and always followed up with a refresher email along with tips and advice. Highly recommend.

Michelle, Tom and puppy, Molly, 2019. “Richard’s puppy training is a truly wonderful and fun experience for puppies and humans alike. His training has given our spaniel the best possible start in life and our enjoyment of her is even greater now, more than I ever thought possible. Richard teaches practical techniques, clearly and with authority, as well as giving guidance on how to care for your dog through it’s life. I certainly learnt that a little order in the puppy’s life will make them so much happier, which follows through to all of us. I couldn’t recommend this enough to anyone starting out on a new dog adventure, Thanks a million.”

J.R. & puppy, 2019. “Richard Grant and K9 are outstanding. They helped us on the path to house-training, with almost immediately positive impact. And Richard’s taught us so much about Rosie! Thanks a million times over.”

Olivia, Richard & puppy, Hippo, 2019. “Richard and his team are fantastic and the four-week course has really helped both us and our puppy, we cannot recommend them highly enough!”

Louise and Puppy, Lola, 2019. “The puppy course was fantastic and the supporting help and guidance really enabled everyone to be able to confidently practice at home”

Anna and puppy, Cosmo, 2019. We have just completed a wonderful 4 week puppy training course in Burbage, Wiltshire with Richard and his lovely daughter Molly at K9. Richard is a brilliant, experienced trainer and we have found his knowledge and guidance invaluable. Richard is strict but fun, and always willing to help with any questions you may have at the end of each session. He also has a collection of yummy dog treats that pups can’t resist which really helps with training! Cosmo really enjoyed the course and loved socialising with the other pups. I would highly recommend K9 Help to anyone with a new puppy. We are now dropping in to the K9 Help follow on course on Fridays and look forward to doing some agility in the future. Thanks for the top tips Richard! Anna and Cosmo.

Georgina Abel Smith and puppy Vesper, 2019. “Richard is a fantastic trainer. He is so knowledgeable and really takes the time to make sure you and your puppy have all the right tools to conduct successful training in class and afterwards at home. My puppy has improved more than I thought possible in such a short space of time. She loved the training classes and socialising with the other puppies. She is a much happier puppy for it and it has made our lives easier too!”

Sanya Robinson and puppy, Toki, 2019. Thank you so much for a wonderful learning and interactive experience. Your name is mentioned in our house multiple times a day and that is surely a great sign. Of all the advice out there that we had before coming to Parsons Green, yours was certainly the most valuable for us.

Connolly and puppy, Otto, 2019. Richard explains how to communicate with your dog in a simple and logical way and makes training a fun experience.

Lucy, Robin and puppy Brando, 2019. My wife, Lucy, and I found the 4 sessions very helpful and are certain that our “Pup”, Brando, has benefited from the lessons too.

Many, many thanks for your excellent tuition. You get 10 out of 10 from us. We will recommend you to everyone who gets a new Pup.  I know Brando enjoyed socialising with the other dogs.

For me 6 memorable elements that spring to mind are:

  1. Owners should give their dogs a health check every day, as dogs can’t talk!
  2. Your Pup can sit/lie/leave  …. We need to tell the Pup to sit/lie/leave.
  3. Stand up straight & look down to the Pup …. The Pup will naturally sit.
  4. A good way to get the Pup’s attention is eye contact: “look at me; look at me”
  5. Hold a short lead firmly with both hands, when walking the Pup on the pavement.
  6. Praise the Pup at every opportunity, as this is what the Pup really wants.

Miranda and dogs, Isla and Oscar, 2018. Gosh, it’s absolutely amazing the difference it makes when attending your sessions.

Jan and puppy, Charlie, 2018. “I cannot speak highly enough about the course and about you and your philosophy on dog training. The course is structured, informative and fun and is underpinned with behaviourism theory so very interesting. You also have a  friendly, personable and professional manner and make time to answer all the many questions that are asked of you.

Thank you for your help and support with Charlie, it has been much appreciated and over and above what I expected. Your home visit prior to the course was also invaluable with the advice you gave me”

MC and puppy, Acer 2018. “Embarking on a project and getting a young puppy was a major decision. I have a very energetic HWV Acer, and Richard’s guidance over the last 4 weeks has been invaluable.

Like any long term investment you need to be smart at the outset, get the right training and the rewards are bountiful. Top tip, sign up for Richard’s courses without delay. This guy knows what he is talking about and delivers the messages in a calm yet entertaining manner engaging equally with owners and their dogs. Monday nights will not be the same now the course has finished”.

Alison, Andy, Millie and puppy Fizz 2018. Really enjoyed our training course. We learned such a lot in a fun and friendly environment. Thank you.

CHC and puppy, Alby 2018. “Having my third cocker spaniel I had thought I knew how to do the basic training , until I discovered Richard Grant. His knowledge of puppies  is boundless and we have been surprised by how much can be learned over the 4 week course. I would TOTALLY recommend this course to any new owners and their puppies”.

Henny, Francis and dog, El Bosco 2018. “So thank you sooooo much for your advice really really worth it, El Bosco sends many thanks 🙂 Gold dust advice. We hope to see you for agility at some point”.

LA and puppy, Disco 2018. “I am so pleased that I signed up for this course as it has given me confidence in training our puppy. My biggest concern is recall and Richard gave us brilliant advice and, most importantly, the tools for us to practice with, going forward. Thank you!”

Emma and puppy, Scout 2018. “We found ourselves with a rescue border collie cross at very short notice, and I feel lucky to have been able to meet up with Richard early on for an individual session and found that everything he suggested to do with routine, crate training and introducing the whistle worked a treat.  We then signed up for his puppy classes at Parsons Green which were probably the highlight of our week at the time.  Richard and his team really know how to manage a small room filled with puppies of every size.  Great fun and lots learnt. Every puppy seemed to progress in leaps and bounds.  We signed up for the follow on training which proved to be utterly invaluable too.  I cannot speak highly enough of Richard, Molly and Amelia – a team of people who really know and love dogs.  Scout has been lucky enough to have some one to one sessions down in Burbage for starter agility and we have all (dog, children and husband included) loved every minute”.

Mel and puppy, Lolastella 2018. “Me, Lolastella and my family have enjoyed very much the puppy classes, which were fun and informative”.

Simon and puppy, Tilly, 2018. “Tilly (miniature dachshund) and I thoroughly enjoyed the puppy course. Not only was it fun and a chance to socialise the puppies, but the techniques you taught were practical and effective, and I found your method and teaching style to be personable and friendly”.

Mr and Mrs Jools Holland, puppy course, 2018. “Richard Grant and K9 team provided the perfect foundation course to prepare us for life with our border terrier. Richard uses his encyclopaedic knowledge, humour, common sense, sausages and deep empathy to create the ideal environment in which to train owners to train their puppies. We wish that all the dogs we’ve had in past had benefited from the K9 puppy school and can’t recommend it highly enough. With all good wishes and gratitude”.

Lisa and puppy, Sydney, 2017. “I have enjoyed the puppy classes very much, and so has Sydney.  The confidence that I gained from being helped by people (Richard and his encouraging and patient helpers) who really do understand dogs, has been invaluable.  Sydney started the course as a very exuberant puppy but I was never made to feel awkward or embarrassed.  There is a lovely mixture of fun, control and encouragement in the classes which makes for a pleasant and safe environment.  Richard has obviously seen every type of dog behaviour in his career – he’s not phased by anything.  I’m actually sad the course has ended!”

SL and puppy, Ziggy, 2017. “I too wanted to let you know just how much I and Carl and the children absolutely loved your course.

You are known as the dog whisperer in my family and it is hard to put into words just how much difference you have made to our life with a new puppy.

We were all so clueless before never having owned any kind of pet but you and your lovely daughter Molly gave us all so much confidence and every session was so fun and entertaining.

We learnt so much not only about what to do but also what not to do and you taught us so brilliantly how to talk and to listen to our puppy. With your help Ziggy has come on leaps and bounds and we have bonded with him so much more. We owe you so much and I am so grateful.

Monday evenings are going to be very dull from now on but thankfully there is your follow on session to look forward to…”

Louise and puppy, Hardy, 2017. “Richard’s puppy classes provided an ideal training environment. Detailed explanations and demonstrations, were followed by lots of opportunities to try the exercises out in class. It was a very positive and rewarding experience because of the clarity of Richard’s training method. Communication between us has improved considerably!”

Fenalla and puppy, Marigold, 2017. “Richard’s classes were exceedingly helpful, making it easy to understand how a puppy thinks and what will help a puppy do what you want it to do.  They were also fun, for humans and puppies too, it seemed. Marigold was always excited to get there. I’m looking forward to the follow on courses”.

Zoe and puppy, Tiggie, 2017. Richard is an excellent trainer, and makes things very clear. I would highly recommend his fun but focused classes – great support and educational emails included too! Exceeded my expectations.

Laura and puppy, Poppy, 2017. “Thank you so much for the fantastic course. All the information was so clear and invaluable”.

Steve and puppy, Crunchie, 2017. “I found Richard’s course invaluable in helping to introduce and settle our puppy into family life. The various techniques Richard teaches are good common sense, but not immediately obvious. When combined with his explanation of the psychology of dog behaviour, they become a solid foundation for helping to shape a calm and well adjusted puppy. Thank-you Richard I really enjoyed the course and would recommend this course for all new puppy owners”.

Amanda and puppy, Lola, 2017. “A very enjoyable and helpful experience for mother and baby!” Amanda and Lola

Jake, Gracia, Grace and puppy, Leia. 2017. “Richard and the rest of the team at K9 Help are amazing! We had the good fortune of bringing our new Cavapoo Leia to the Introductory Training Course in Fulham. The classes were very enjoyable for humans and pets alike and we gained many invaluable lessons during each session. Richard and his team are kind, caring and highly experienced and create a perfect learning environment for pets and owners. Leia benefited tremendously from the classes and we would highly recommend the course for any new puppy owner. Thanks again from Jake, Gracia, Grace and Leia!”

Tui, Robin and puppy 2017. “K9‘s puppy classes are a wonderful way of teaching you and your puppy how to behave and be trained. They are simple, straightforward and above all great fun for the owners and for their puppies. It is difficult to decide which likes them more”.

Louisa and puppy Toby 2017. ‘We thoroughly enjoyed Richard’s puppy training. My spaniel Toby loved socialising with other puppies and he learnt several essential commands which help immensely in every day life. A must try for any new dog owner.’

Cally and puppies, Belushi and Senji 2017. Thank YOU for the course.  It was great fun and you are really good at making it entertaining and not making anyone feel bad for their puppy not quite managing it while still leaving room for the successful ones to feel proud.  I loved every bit of the course itself but the best new thing (or at least what I can’t remember being included last time) are all these fab print outs so that we’ve got a whole shaft of things to keep us going.

Laura and Bailey 2017. Highly recommended course – No self-help puppy training book can replace these informative, fun and rewarding sessions.  As new puppy owners and no experience of owning a dog whatsoever – this course was a must.  The children loved it too.  Over the course of the four weeks, Richard managed to teach us how to build a strong bond with our puppy.

Derek and new puppy 2017. Richard has great way with dog owners, he gets us to get it right so our friend doesn’t get it wrong!

Susan and Daisy 2017. The three of us thoroughly enjoyed our puppy training sessions with you (despite the cold!). Your approach was extremely professional and methodical, whilst also making it great fun for puppy and owner alike. It was exactly what I wanted.

LJ and new puppy 2017. This was such a fun experience for all the family and incredibly valuable. The information was delivered by Richard and his lovely team in a memorable and interesting way and helped enormously with our first puppy.

Wendy, Mads and Teddy. 2016. Not only did Teddy love attending the course but Richard’s clear instructions and good pointers ensured that Teddy learned things very quickly and gave us the tools to ensure we have a well behaved dog.

Anne, Edwin and Magic. 2016. We’ve had a lovely time training our puppy with you. It’s fun, of course, but also immensely instructive. I’ve learned a great deal about how a puppy thinks and reacts and how we should – and shouldn’t – think and react in return!

Ed, Emma, Sarah and Rembrandt 2016. Richard’s puppy classes were excellent and gave us both expert guidance on how to train and care for our dog, but also were a great encouragement, and all in a fun, relaxed and welcoming atmosphere. I would not hesitate in recommending the classes to other puppy owners. Richard and his team are very experienced and I am so grateful we found them.

Martin and Tillie 2016. I am more that happy with Tillie’s progress since you came and and gave us your professional advice and I feel that a follow up visit by yourself, is not required, due to Tillie being much better behaved dog.  Obviously, we intend to keep to this new system as it only benefit Tillie in long term.

Philip, Gill, Felicity and River 2015. The course was excellent and we would recommend it to anyone wanting to get their dog training off to a very positive start. (Owner training also very beneficial!).

Gillian, Peter and Impi 2015. “The K9 Help puppy course was a great investment – the 4 weeks cover all the basics of training and we have seen a massive difference in our puppy’s behaviour. It also helps train the owners to know the best way to handle issues such as: not wanting to go to bed, chewing, pulling on the lead etc. Besides the learning experience it was also good fun for puppies and owners!”.

Clare, family and Mungo 2015. Thank you so much for your email and your amazing help of the past 4 weeks.  We have all really enjoyed coming to you on Saturday mornings.  I think your course is brilliant and you are great with all of us (who need lots of help and support!) and with the dogs!  It has given us confidence to try and train Mungo and hopefully we will do an ok job!

Kate and Lottie 2015. Dear Richard, I did not know what to expect. You covered all the basic training and I learned a great deal. There was never a dull moment. Lottie knows it all but I have a lot to learn. You would have my highest recommendation.

Andy and Rusty 2015. I’ve sometimes asked myself which is true: Do I want Richard’s help for me-or the dog? The answer of course is that Richard is for both of us. He works on the principle that we are a team! The dog’s behaviour is directly connected to mine. I have taken two dogs to him over the years, and in both cases noticeable and exciting changes have happened for both dog and master! Sessions with him are fun, demanding, and productive. Try it! It’s worth it.

Katie, Simon and George 2015. We just wanted to say thank you so much for the doggy obedience classes we recently came to with George.  We all thoroughly enjoyed them & it was a great way to socialise with other pups! You are a fund of doggy knowledge and it was great to get all these handy tips too!  We certainly will recommend you to any  of our friends who need to train their pups!  We also enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere you created and noticed by the end of the 4 weeks, how relaxed the dogs were.

Jan and Peaches 2015. Very many thanks, we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves, and are sorry it is over! We all feel far more confident and look forward to the follow up.

Lulu, Paul and Elsie 2015. Richard’s puppy classes are a must, particularly if you have a bright, energetic and active dog who needs a lot of both physical and mental stimulation.  Our Lab/Collie X would make a B line to her puppy class every Monday night, she loved it and so did we!  It’s a course where the more work you put in to it, the more you get out of it … but Richard is so encouraging, you want to practice what he teaches and my puppy certainly wanted to learn. We’ve signed up for his follow-up with enthusiasm!

Mary and Coco 2015. Until I met Richard, my two month old puppy was adorable, but snappy and biting for no apparent reason.
After one hour with Richard he explained that she was overtired through over walking and needed routine.  Richard also advised to get her on a better puppy food.
3 days later and my puppy was transformed into having a silky coat and the puppy became blissfully relaxed and playful without any snapping or barking.

Richard is incredible and any owner lucky to have his advice will benefit and so will the puppy.

Howard, Monty and Hugo 2015. Thank you for running such an informative and enjoyable course – we both had an excellent time and learnt about our pups!

Nathalie, Mike and Alfie 2015. How you managed to make a session involving umpteen puppies and their various owner families both enormously fun and very instructive remains a mystery but all of our children and both Mike and I thought they were brilliant. After Mike’s session as lead trainer he said that he felt that it was a bonding session for him and Alfie and that they both now had a shared understanding of what good looks like. I would extend that thought to describe it as a bonding experience for the family which gave us all a common set of expectations, instructions, rewards and praise which removes potential for bickering with different family members taking advice from different websites and having too many conflicting views on how best to train a puppy. We knew that having a dog would require commitment from everyone in the family as not one of us was in a position to take sole responsibility and so this shared consistent approach has been invaluable for us.

Your advice was delivered with clarity, a rationale and good humour which are great qualities in any trainer. The family utterly adore Alfie but your courses have given us the confidence and understanding to build patterns of behaviour in Alfie (and us!) which make every walk a pleasure and hanging out in the house very much more relaxing. We continue the training in small parts (always on walks for recall of course) but also “leave it” has significantly reduced the quantity of shoes being chewed and papers eaten.

Fiona and Ellbel 2015. The idea of 10 barking, excited, half-toilet-trained puppies and their proud but nervous humans in a hall filled me with dread.  I projected I would come out confused, cross, embarrassed and with a blinding headache.  Puppy training with Richard was not like that at all.  It was organised and calm: we learned and practised the basic commands with expert guidance and the warmth and wisdom of puppy-years of experience.  It was fun.  My 10-year-old twins felt welcome and loved the puppy socialisation sessions, another aspect of dog training we hadn’t considered.  It was easy to ask questions, but we were never side-tracked from the training agenda.  We love our puppy; Richard took that as a given, but made us all, children too, realise that there is more to being a responsible dog-owner and having a great relationship with your dog than just being soppy: we needed to offer boundaries, consistency, fun, calm and attention.  Not only did he show us how to do this, he made us want to continue… our puppy is doing sit-ups before school and loving it.

Valerie and Lupin 2015. I wanted to thank you for all your sage advice and help with Lupin. You really helped everyone adjust to our new life as a doggy household!  Angus and I found the course very helpful, and I greatly appreciate the time you took with Angus to involve him. It was wonderful to see him growing in confidence in handling Lupin in a responsible way. Speaking to Lisa and Charlotte, I think for parents it is incredibly helpful to have an expert educating our children to treat dogs with respect – they seem to take far more notice of you!  Children have to learn that dogs are not little humans and have specific needs.  We are so grateful to have Lupin in our lives, she is a happy, obedient dog with a lovely nature, and we owe you a big thank you for educating us to ensure she grows up that way.

Elisabeth, Michael and Max 2015. We are all absolutely delighted to have attended your puppy classes last month. We still practice, following your instructions (even Michael does exactly what you said to do).
Thank you so much for making the class so interactive, instructive and structured. Thank you as well for all the time and efforts you put to make us progress.
It certainly made Max a much happier puppy, enjoying some fun off the lead and made us more confident to do so. We just started to use a ball with a launcher…great success. Max absolutely loves retrieving the ball and has come back every time on recall with the whistle.
We would be very happy to follow on training with you and take your advice on a course suitable for Max.

Isabel and Jasper 2015. A big thank you from all of us and Jasper for the course which we found incredibly useful and helpful. We were sometimes overwhelmed by how much there was to do but really appreciated the clear and detailed notes to guide us through everything and which now sit in a folder in our kitchen so they are easy to use! We were amazed by how much Jasper – and the other puppies – developed over the four weeks and how far they came.

James and Mungo 2015. I found the classes excellent and have made a real difference to Mungo’s behaviour, as well as being extremely enjoyable – was something to look forward to on a Monday evening! It was also inspirational seeing how you spoke to the dogs in the class and the reaction that you got. Demonstrated no need to shout at them to get the best results.

Kathryn, Erik, Matty, Tom and Fenna 2014. Thank you so much for the fantastic four sessions! I never thought I’d feel confident to take her off the lead but the re call practice has given us the confidence to. We have learnt so much and had no idea that training Fenna would be such fun. We will definitely be coming back for more training with you. Thanks for all the clear written advice too. It has been invaluable.

Sara, Toby and Cherie 2014. The puppy training classes were of immense benefit both to us and to our cavapoo puppy. The small class size and detailed information sent out following each class ensured we knew exactly what was expected of our puppy (and us!) each week. The use of positive re-enforcement/reward-based training meant our pup enjoyed the learning process immensely. The most valuable skill learnt was recall – the benefits of which are immeasurable. In short, these classes were superb and we couldn’t recommend them more.

Romaine and Dizzy 2014. Dizzy and I really enjoyed Richard’s course. An excellent balance of good humoured fun and lots of brilliant advice, I’d definitely recommend to this course to anyone keen to train their dog to that next level. He obviously knows and loves dogs and his cheeky sense of humour certainly made for a worthwhile and entertaining evening.
Dizzy would say
Not only did I get to meet lots of other dogs, most of which seemed happy to lick my tummy, I learned all sorts of fun things, like jumping and racing through tunnels. Always good to have a bit of a challenge. Richard even gave my owner some good advice about how to get me back on the lead when I’d rather stay in the park, which is a little annoying but seems to make my owner happy!!

Nikki and Lolo 2014. Richard is very good at what he does. He makes training enjoyable and worthwhile, so that people and dogs alike have a good time as well as learning new things.
Quote from Lola, the Norfolk Terrier
I like Richard because when I am given a sausage by mistake, he gives me another one

Emma and Max 2014. Hi Richard…..I loved your classes as you know……..this is why.
I came to your classes knowing nothing except that i loved Max and wanted him to be trained. I loved your introduction as I knew i was in safe hands as you train dogs in a positive way and never through anger. What a relief for me.
Thank you for letting our children come to the classes too…….they are so involved with Max and so it is brilliant they can teach him as you taught us. Thank you.

Victoria and Bertie 2014. He has been amazing since you came, unbelievable! We have been running some mornings and his whole attitude has gone back to normal. It is as if you just flicked a switch in him.
He is an amazing young boy and it’s just lovely to see him really enjoying himself in walks again.
Thank you again

Katie and Ziggy 2014. Dear Richard,  Many thanks indeed. We learnt a great deal from the course and not sure would have known where to start without it. You were a great, concise teacher and repetition week after week along with learning something new each week, was a good format.

Lizzie and Quincy. 2014. Hi Richard,  I have enjoyed the course immensely and felt such a bond with Quincy which I may not have otherwise been exposed to. You have been brilliant at explaining things and the reasons why dogs behave the way they do and you delivered this clearly with charisma and humour. I felt it was money well spent and I also enjoyed meeting with the other people on the course whom I now regularly see in the park. You are a bit of a star around the parks of Fulham!
I will definitely pass your name on to two other people I know who are getting pups and they have asked about your contact details.
I look forward to hearing from you and thanks again for a brilliant experience so far!

Tove and Winston 2014. We really enjoyed the training sessions. I have no feedback other than positive. Thank you.

Tanya and Cooper 2014. Thanks so much for all the attachments we are keen to keep up the training – Cooper is eager to learn and responding well we just need to keep our momentum going so I am sure you have not seen the last of us!!
It’s such a joy to have a dog in our lives again and even more of a joy when they actually respond to what you ask them to do!

Thanks for all your valuable knowledge and we will look forward to seeing you.

Stephanie and Beckett 2013. I must say that the training sessions were extremely helpful to put us on track with our new role of raising a puppy.
All the family really enjoyed each session and found them interesting and fun. You definitely impressed us with yours skills with dogs and your patience with training us!

Louise and Lottie 2013. Thank you so much Richard for all your help – you have been wonderful and your sound advice has been much appreciated – Lottie and I are getting on just fine at the moment!

Amanda and Bertie 2013. Just wanted to say a big thank you for the course, which was fun, as well as being constructive and educational.

Sophia and Finley 2013. Thank you so much for your email and for organising such fantastic classes. They have been invaluable.
I will continue with all the training as it has already turned Finley into a totally delightful puppy to have around.

Caroline and Waffle 2013. I really enjoyed the course and judging by his hyperactive mood on returning home, I would say Waffle did to. It covered everything that I needed to know at this stage and your somewhat dry wit certainly entertained me.