Health Check for your Puppy/Dog.
What to look for? Frequency.
Daily Weekly Monthly Six Monthly Annually
Eyes Any discharge in or around the eye. Excessive redness. Eyes should be clear. x        
Faeces/urine Check consistency and frequency. Look for undigested food/plastic etc. Urine: check for clarity and smell. x        
Ears Excessive scratching. Check ear flaps for wounds or swellings. x        
Paws, Pads & Claws. Check for cuts, seeds and any infection around the nail bed. x        
Skin & Coat Anything that was not there. Check by running your hands over your puppy/dog gently. Learn what your it feels like to your hands. Check for ticks/fleas etc x        
Mammary Glands Check for any lumps or fatty deposits near to the surface/around the area of the nipples x x      
Genital Organs. Dogs: Check the penis, scrotum and surrounding area for, infection, wounds etc.

Bitches: Check for any discharge, wounds from virginal area and surrounding area.



Check with your Veterinary Practice and follow their programme and advice.     x   x


Note: This is just a guide and is not to be considered a replacement for seeking advice from your Veterinary Practice. If you have any concerns at all, make contact with them and ask their advice immediately.