Diabetes alert dogs.
A trained medical alert dog is a life enhancing addition to anyone who has been diagnosed with a life threatening illness.
Medical alert dogs are trained to detect a change in a person’s well-being and alert that person to that change, if their glucose levels go above or below what is considered safe and normal for that person.
Being trained to perform the important task of acknowledging and alerting an individual if they are in danger of an hyper or hypo Not all dogs are capable of being trained in this manner. Some lack concentration for example, remember, any dog trained to do this must be prepared to react the same way, every day, if necessary; this is not something all dogs can do.
Fortunately at K9 Help we have some of the most experienced and highly qualified search and scent dog trainers in the United Kingdom. Mark, our diabetes alert dog trainer and advisor, is responsible for the training of a number of detection dogs currently enriching the lives of their human partners.

We will work with you and your (family) dog. Initially a suitability assessment of your dog will be made to establish if it has the character and skills needed for this role. If your dog is considered not suitable for this form of training, then no charge will be made, however not all is lost, we will review other solutions such as, training another dog to fulfil this role within your home.
All training is fully explained and maintained with sessions within your home, so that you have an understanding of what has been achieved and how to maintain it.
Follow-up sessions ensure that the training is maintained, it is an on-going and ever evolving process.

Please contact me, 07753-609999 or richard@k9help.net for further information or if you have any questions or would like to discuss how we can work with you and your dog.